To coat materials used in the production of adhesive bandages, we use modern environmentally friendly production technology based on hot-melt adhesives containing no solvents which could irritate the skin.

The zero result of the laboratory irritation tests of hot-melt adhesives of the Portuguese firm Colqiumica was obvious and assessed as = non- irritating.

Our products may be used within a wider temperature range - the "drying up" of the adhesive film at high temperatures is eliminated (the reduced capability of unwinding the plaster from the reel is, among other things, the result of high temperature) while excluding non-stickiness when used at low temperatures.

The mentioned advantages of this technology are further enhanced by the ecological aspect, since the hot-melt adhesive has no ecotoxic effects and the disposal of products after use is easy.

Unlike other manufacturers, we do not use environmentally unfriendly PVC foil, but silicone paper to protect the sticky layer, and the final foil plaster products are manufactured from polyethylene-based material.

Serial and non-standard manufacturing

For serial production see catalog.

Non-standard products in agreement with the client. Coating of different supporting materials (foam, foil, non-standard fabrics, etc.) with an adhesive film.