Mediplast CZ, s.r.o.

Czech manufacturer of medical plaste​rs

Mediplast is a traditional Czech brand produced since 1996.

Our modern, clean and environmentally friendly production technology is currently implemented in new production premises built in accordance with good manufacturing practice requirements. Apart from the ecological aspect, the greatest advantage of this technology, for example in comparison with the dissolvent technology, is the reduction of skin irritation risks to practically zero as has been confirmed by test results.
The design of our products - in particular their adjustment – predestinates them for use at medical and social services facilities, specialized sales in pharmacies, retail, etc. 

We manufacture three basic types of plasters differing from each other by the supporting material for the applied adhesive film. 

    • fabric plasters without wound pads, with wound pads
    • fabric tape plasters suitable for fixing joints
  • MEDIPOR® - non-woven fabric plasters without and with a wound pad
  • MEDISTRIP®, MEDIPLAST f® - washable foil plasters with a wound pad

In addition to the standard product range offered on reels or tubes and plasters with an absorbent insertion, we are also prepared - after consulting the customer - to produce non-standard windings from fabric as well as non-woven fabric, foils or foam materials using this modern technology.

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